Outreach Specialist

September 2, 2020
Expired on: Aug 1, 2021
Job Category: دوام كامل - Full Time
Job Type: Contract
Job Location: Tripoli

Khayal productions UG is a production company that was established by experienced Libyan filmmakers working on producing high-

quality audiovisual content in all stages of production.

Over the past years Khayal has worked on documentary films, public awareness campaigns, commercials, and film s for television, cinema and the internet in partnership with organizations such as IOM, UNHCR, USAID, Vice, Great Big Story, ACTED, PCI, Friedrich Ebert Stiftung and DW.

With the intention of reviving the cinema industry and promoting art and culture in Libya, Khayal has developed a network of international and Libyan artists and technicians as a means to strengthen the newly started industry in Libya. Khayal is expanding its outreach to build an effective platform for local filmmakers to share opportunities online, organize screenings, and provide space for discussing issues facing the community.

Khayal is seeking a Communications and Outreach Specialist to support strategic communications and outreach efforts for Khayal’s

projects. Duties will include supporting the company’s external outreach efforts, developing and implementing a comprehensive

outreach and communications strategy, supporting the development of best practices for audience engagement, reaching out to

potential partners, costumers and contributors.


● Support the development of comprehensive strategic communications strategies, plans

● Communicate with potential partners and market research to develop a deep understanding of the market in Libya

and the different marketing needs of businesses.

● Support the development of best practices for audience engagement, messaging and communications strategies

● Analyze existing communications materials and identify gaps that need to be filled.

● Creation of new resources and content to address internal and external communications needs.

● Advice on the most appropriate communication channels and messaging according to the audience.

● Perform other duties as required.


● Bachelor’s degree or higher in a field relating to strategic communications.

● 3+ years of experience in strategic communications, including content development, public affairs, social media

implementation, digital or print media, or tactical communications.

● Ability to work both independently and collaborate under tight deadlines to translate ideas and concepts into

professional communication products.

● Fluency in English is required

● Excellent written and verbal communication skills

● Demonstrated skills in using Microsoft Office software and web-based communication tools


للتقديم يرجى رفع السيرة الذاتية كاملة في الموقع في ملف لا يزيد عن ٢ م.ب

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Outreach Specialist - Khayal Productions