Khayal (Arabic: خيال) a Term in Arabic which means

Our Story


We are a production company that was established by young filmmakers in Libya. working on producing high-quality content in all stages of production.

Over the past years, Khayal has worked on Documentaries public awareness campaigns commercials producing formats for film television and internet.

With the intention of reviving the cinema industry in Libya, Khayal is developing a network of international and local artists collaborating to build capacity in the art community resulting in the initiation of a platform for local filmmakers to share opportunities online, holding screenings and offering a space for discussing issues facing the community, mobilizing resources to strengthen the newly started industry in Libya.

Multi-Format Film Productions & Services


Creative Concept and messaging

In order for us to help you reach the impact you want it's very important to spend the time to clarify the message and concept before setting out to production stages.

We are here to work with you in the early stages to help you identify the message and develop a concept that reaches the goal you want.

Motion Graphics and Animation

Motion graphics and animation are great tools to deliver information in an easy and effective way to the audience, we at Khayal have more than seven years’ experience in working in motion graphics and animation.


Khayal team has been working in several documentaries in different stages of production, we’ve been involved in documentaries for organizations, feature-length documentaries like Freedom fields (2018) and short documentaries with the Scottish Documentary Institute and Vice Arabia.

Social media productions

Social media is a medium that requires a different direction when targeting audience, we’ve been working with many international organizations to deliver videos for social media.

Civil Society Awareness Campaigns

With an experience of over 8 years in public awareness, our team has worked in numerous public awareness campaigns and civil society projects in Libya on different topics and target groups, for social media Television and screenings.

Film Production & Post-Production

Our team consists of a network of professionals from all around the country, depending on the variables of each project we work with partners in the region for productions outside of Libya to provide international high standard production.




  • Sufian Arara

    Cinematographer/ Director

    Sufian Arara
    Cinematographer/ Director
  • Muhannad Lamin

    Director/ Producer

    Muhannad Lamin
    Director/ Producer


  • قربص
  • A look into the available footage and music from 4.4.2019 at khayal’s stock-footage shop! 🎬

لقطات و موسيقى ستكون متوفره في متجر خيال ابتداءا من 
4.4.2019 🎬
# #khayalproductions #film #cinema #libya #triploli #stockfootagelibya #stockfootage
  • المدينة القديمة , طرابلس 
Old City, Tripoli
  • khayal Is Hiring !
We’re looking for a highly dependable individual to fill the role of a story Fixer/ Creative lead, Position is Part-time and per story completion (multiple projects).
Email us your background information at info@khayal.ly 
خيال للإنتاج تبحث عن شخص يُعتمد عليه ليشغل دور منسق و باحث قصص , الدور يتطلب دوام جزئي و مبنى على كل قصة , للتواصل معنا أرسل لنا معلومات على info@khayal.ly
  • Save the date! 4/4/2019 we’re launching our own Libyan stockfootage website!

قريبا لأول مرة في ليبيا موقع يوفر مادة فيديو Stockfootage بكامل حقوقها لشتى الإستعمالات! سجل التاريخ 4.4.2019 لإطلاق موقع متجر خيال!
  • خليكم معانا عندنا إعلان عن مشروع جديد!  Stay Tuned for an announcement of a new project!
  • كورنيش طرابلس 
Tripoli's Cornish 
  • في موقع تصوير فيلم سبيل 
On location of our short film Sabeel
  • ماذا تعرف عن موسيقى السطمبالي في تونس ؟ و ماهي الموسيقى الموازية لها في ليبيا ؟  الصورة للموسيقى بالحسن ميهوب 🎼
  • الممثل فرج الشريف أثناء عملية إعادة تسجيل الحوار 
@faraj k shraf
  • من حملة قصتي مع منظمة أجنحة الرحمة 
From my story Campaign with Mercy Wings Organization
  • العقد الكشفية هي إحدى مهارات الكشافة 
هل تعرف إسم العقدة التي في الصورة؟
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