“El Mish Aadyeen” Mini-doc Series

shot over the period of 2 months across Libya, Covering Libya’s 3 regions under some of the toughest circumstances; the challenges were phenomenal. Extremely long power cuts, intermittent communications, Covid19 pandemic, and above all transcending the current affairs to find hope.

5 characters that we’ve grown to love and respect. From Tripoli to Kufra, Ajdabiya to Awenat ( Akakus ) these 5 different pieces offer a unique insight into the everyday Libyans.


Mini-doc Series:  5 Episodes

Status: Completed

Director: Sufian Ararah / Muhannad Lamin

Client: Alwow – M&C Saatchi

“El Mish Aadyeen” Mini-doc Series


Skills:  Web Production
Client:  Alwow - M&C Saatchi
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“El Mish Aadyeen” Mini-doc Series - Khayal Productions